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L-2UX_70, a novice pooper since 2014.

In Brief This beginning user as pooper, was a loquender user on 2012 and 2013. (With the name of Lanceristico-X and the L-2UX_70 username since 2012)

History -He known youtube-poop and youtube-poop hispano since 2008, and he taken inspiration of other poopers (Hispano poopers)

First poop seen: YTPH - Luigi y el perro(Remake) (By Davuuwart) (2008) YTPH - Hornitos, Rick roll y Pajas rusas (By pokefan2111)(2009) YTPH - Robotnik vs. Mama Luigi (By pokefan2111)(2008)

First poop made YTPH - Lel chaach está LOL (May,2014)

Style: Sentence-mixing, Spadinner, Ear Rape, Masking, Flash Poop, Ilusion Edition and Pitch shift.

Preferred Sources El chavo del Ocho HTF (Happy Tree Friends)

Preferred Methods Sentence Mixing Ear Rape Pitch shift

Preferred Software Virtual dj pro 7.0.4 Sony Vegas pro 11 Fl studio 10 Adobe Flash-Professional CS6 Adobe Fireworks CS6

Likes Youtube Poop Hispano Loquendo/Poop Hispano Loquendo

Dislikes Trolling users. Pseudo-intellectual users.

Influences Fistropoopman (Retired Pooper) Sandovart (Retired pooper) Glomiagui (Now Marcelo Canario) (YTPMV´s pooper) Urbankillerx5000 (Active pooper) Mr.Algoran (Active pooper)

Other Information -This pooper wishes participate in more of 3 youtube-poop hispano collab, and one more that himself will organize. -Best beginning pooper in 2014 for now. -He speaks English and Portuguese language, but he not understand well the sentence mixing of these languages.