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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.


Discovering and not understanding YTP at the begining of 2009, MasterOfZoroark (Formerly known as Munchlax318, then Snorlax318) made YouTube Poops using Windows Movie Maker to make people laugh. After getting suspended twice, MasterOfZoroark made his 3rd account and began to evolve into the style every pooper uses nowadays when he got Adobe Premiere Elements 7.

He uses his laptop to make fantastic poops with Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas, making his vids increase in beautiful quality. Being inspired by the incredible inspiration pooper, Geibuchan ,he uses masking to make crossovers with popular YouTube Poops sources for jokes or to a story, many people seem to like this style and He is currently in the moment making poops of his 2 YouTube Poop shows, "The Irregular Show" and "Dan Vursiz Da' Whirld". He also plans to use Flash in his poops somepoint in the fall of 2012, once he learns how in animation classes the next school year.

In Brief

He's friendly to his friends and fans and tries to make his fans laugh with what he shows them.

First poop seen

Robotnik on the Toilet

First poop made

Graduation of MALICE


Most of Geibuchan's poops have a little Azumanga Daioh poop at the end.

Preferred Sources

Preferred Methods

Prefered Tech



Even though

  • Johnny Test (He claims to have a huge hatred against the show for being the worst he ever saw)
  • TehEliteOne


Ever since he switched to Adobe Premiere


Only 1 out of 25 people seem to have a problem with his ear-raping tendencies. 3 out of 75 accuse him of being a "weaboo" just because he uses Azumanga Daioh as a poop source. (they can't even tell that it's the same show half the time)


  • He has over 4000 subscribers.
  • He got a ton of huge big-time poopers subbed to him. (Including his huge inspiration Geibuchan, CommanderGwonam, BarneyIsPerverted, LinkOnDrugs, and other big names)
  • Allison Won Derland Part 2 has recieved 1st place in the Top Ten Monthly Poops of October 2010.


Other Information

  • He has a DeviantART, Tumblr, and Steam account.
  • When he watches a video and doesn't understand a joke or what video is about, he replies "I don't get it either plank" (A quote that Jonny 2x4 says in the Ed Edd n Eddy episode, "Shoo Ed").
  • He is probably the only pooper out there who happily interacts with his fanbase.


  • In this real world, he's your daily dose of a cartoon/video game enthusiast.
  • He is the only pooper thus far to have ever written a comic/manga just for one of their videos.
  • Finds Lucky Star to be overrated, but abba-so-lutely LOVES Azumanga Daioh. Anyone else have a hard time understanding that?
  • Got his 2000th subscriber on Halloween, 2010... the same time as other guys whose names i cannot remember who reached 2k


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