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|caption=*insert witty caption here*
|1stmade=[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMMChOUkJFg Youtube Poop: Tails' Bad Fur Day]
|year=10    <!--This is my actual year my first YTP was made, but it was on a different account.-->
|sources=[[Gravity Falls]], Pink Floyd
|methods=[[Stutter Loop]]s, [[Sentence Mixing]], [[Ear Rape]]
|tech=[[Adobe Premiere]], [[Adobe After Effects]]
|realname=Frank A. Ball III
==In Brief==
OldFashionedLizard is a pooper who had started back in 2010 on his family's channel Thisiswhathappened without having any idea what he was doing, and returned to YTP late 2014 under his new name. He used Movie Maker for his first poop back in 2010, but he now uses Adobe Premiere instead. He has also been rumored to actually be [[Escargoon]] (due to his love for [[King Dedede]])) and has been charged with raiding [[King Harkinian]]'s Royal Pantry a few years back.
OldFashionedLizard was first introduced to YTP back in 2009. He was searching through a lot of the poorly made Spongebob fan videos when he came across [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqvplMbwvyc The Frycook Gay Games] by [[Kortez3000]]. He was amused by the fact that the characters were saying swears and all of the different gags put in it. Lizard then realized that he could make a YTP on his own, so by the power of Windows Movie Maker and his family's Youtube Account, he had created Youtube Poop: Tails' Bad Fur Day. He was ready to make another [[WMM]] YTP, but his laptop unfortunately bit the dust before he could finish it. This would lead him to retire from YTPs for a while, and focus more on his drawings and art.
Fast-Forward four years later, where his sister has just gotten a new laptop, and passed down her Mac to Lizard. He was happy as could be, seeing as he could play his Steam games again. It also meant he could start getting into making YTPs again. So he joined the YouChew forums, got himself [[Adobe Premiere]] and [[After Effects]], and made his second YTP and also his first under the OldFashionedLizard name (Which coincidentally, was uploaded ''exactly four years after his first poop.'') Now, he's back and better than ever.
===The Harkinian Pantry Incident===
On October 23, 2011, [[King Harkinian]] had reported that a man had stolen all of his food from his pantry, which is a heinous crime in the land of Hyrule. The King then gave them a description of the man for their police sketch, and eventually they boiled it down to three people. [[Dr. Robotnik]], [[Hulk Hogan]], and Lizard himself. They brought all of them into an interrogation room together and they all answered their questions. Lizard finally confessed however, mostly because the room smelt like balls and [[Hulk Hogan]] kept talking about his grills throughout the entire thing. They locked him up until he eventually scrubbed all the floors in [[Hyrule]], where [[King Harkinian]] then let him go free afterwards.
===First poop seen===
[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqvplMbwvyc The Frycook Gay Games]
===First poop made===
[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMMChOUkJFg Youtube Poop: Tails' Bad Fur Day]
His style is more modern and relies on very stylized stutters and masking jokes. Unfortunately, he can't mask with [[Adobe Premiere| Premiere]], so he has to do his masking jobs with [[After Effects]].
===Preferred Sources===
*[[Gravity Falls]]
*English Dubbed Anime
*Pink Floyd
===Preferred Methods===
*[[Stutter Loop]]
*[[Sentence Mixing]]
*[[Tech Text]]
*[[Right There]]
*[[Ear Rape]]
===Preferred Software===
*[[Adobe Premiere]]
*[[Adobe After Effects]]
*[[Gravity Falls]]
*Pink Floyd
*[[Flash Poops]]
*[[King Dedede]]
*Van Halen
*[[Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends]]
*[[Nostalgia Critic]]
*Cheesy 80's Music
*[[You| Hipsters]]
*[[Censor Beep]]s in YTPs
*[[No| Long and Unfunny Jokes]]
*[[No| Boring Slice of Life Animes]]
*Most Dubstep Songs
*Poorly put together [[Flash Poops]]
==Poop Listing==
*[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKwhzTSt1nk SOON?] (aka. A preview to Lizard's upcoming Gravity Falls Poop)
*[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqDzWRQPs0U Panty, Stocking, and drink some egg nog because wE'RE GONNA GO ALL THE WAY TONIGHT]
*[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4EtfR_3_mA Pink's Unconstitutional Trial]
*He is secretly [[Escargoon]].
*Coincidentally uploaded his first YTP on his channel OldFashionedLizard four years after his first actual YTP was released on his family's channel (September 25).
*He is a frequent cosplayer at conventions in his area.
*Lives near the voice actor of [[I.M. Meen (character)| I.M. Meen]]
*He is a New Englander from New Hampshire.
*He dislikes talking in the third person.
*[http://youtube.com/user/OldFashionedLizard His Account]
===Other Links===
*[http://oldfashionedlizard.tumblr.com/ Tumblr]

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