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Sath McFarland

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Your supreme overlord.

Sath McFarland is the most powerful man (in Hollywood).

About Sath

He is the creator of television hits such as Family Man, United States Father, and The Ohio Blackie Show. All of these cartoons are unified by Sath providing voices for nearly every character, airing on the XOF network, and the writing, which consists entirely of making fun of Republicans. He also does a really good impression of Bill Clinton and is homophobic. Ha, ha, ha, oh yeah.

He has absolutely no relation to his doppelganger, Seth MacFarlane. Whereas Sath is a genius, Seth resorts to ripping off Sath's shows. Aside from physical appearance, vaguely-similar sounding names, and the fact that they are both Democrats, the two are polar opposites.


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Sath's busy schedule.


{{#ev:youtube|gfXC7SKO6mA|320}}Watch this captioned for the best understanding of his beliefs.
  • Hello, idiots. My name is Sath McFarland. I am the creator of the hit XOF television series known to all as "Family Man". I am here to inform you, my loyal sycophants, that Family Man's DVD sales have exceeded the three trillion mark. My network is now the equivalent to that of a googolplex. I would have to thank my loyal drones for helping me become the most powerful man. In Hollywood. Thank you, faggots. Please suck my dick, all of you.
  • I am a very busy man with a very busy schedule. Do you think I pull funny episodes of Family Man out of my hiney?
  • Hello, sycophants. You are listening to the voice of a genius.
  • I am a great voice actor with a great voice and a lot of great talent. I play many characters in the funny cartoons that make fun of Republicans.
  • Now I will do the voice of the Family Man. Hey, Louise. Remember that episode of Thundercats when Cheetara and Lion-O ate tacos and started farting that was funny.
  • Now I will do the voice of the baby whatever his name is. Oh look at me I defecate in my diaper. And I am evil and British and gay. Because I am a Republican. I am a very gay person.
  • Hi. My name is Bill Clinton. I am a really good-ass president. Obama is too. But George Bush is not a good president. He is not smart like me. Bill Clinton.
  • I am okaaay with being a vocal chameleon, as long as the chameleon is a smart Democrat chameleon and not a dumb Republican chameleon.
  • As much as I like to suck my own penis (and trust me on this one; I like to suck my own penis a lot), I will give some of you aspiring voice actors advice on how to get into the industry. Okay, here is my advice. When you create a character, you want to make sure he is a Democrat. That's my advice.
  • Well, here's the thing. Liberal Dawg is based on me. S-A-T-H McFarland. I love myself very much so I decided to make a character who is just like me except oh yeah he is a dog. Everything I like, the dog likes, and vice versasa. So yes, to answer your question, I like to eat poop.
  • Democrats are smart. Republicans are stupid.
  • Family Man is the best.
  • I am a genius.
  • You're stupid and dumb and Stimpy and Jesus Israel!

Further information

  • He is beloved in the poop community.
  • He probably isn't Strangebutts.
  • Seriously, he's got nothing to do with Seth MacFarlane.
  • He's not related to Todd MacFarlane or Mike McFarland either.

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