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RobotnikIsm.png This article describes a recognised Poopism: a method of video editing that has been used by a number of poopers.

A lot of people think I invented the term Spa-Dinner. but its been around a good while. I was just the one who started saying it as if it was an official term. ~ Stuart Kay Reilly

"Dinner Spaghetti" (also known as Spadinner) is a term popularized by Stuart Kay Reilly, used to describe a pooping style considered to be of a specific quality. Commonly, this refers to videos using lots of Internet memes, a style reminiscent of early 2007, and sources that are thought to be "bland and overused" (generally, CD-i, Mama Luigi, and other Mario cartoons, like The Yoshi Shuffle). Typically, they contain such as "dinner" or "spaghetti", hence the name.

The term can be compared somewhat to AIDS, a (dead) term coined by Conrad Slater during the Boomer period.

An alternative name to it is "Spatoast".


As Defined By Stuart K Reilly

"Spa-Dinner" AKA Dinner-Spaghetti

Derogatory noun. Best used as an insult towards the party involved.

"A majority of Youtube Poop watchers or poop makers that thrive in the old out dated form of pooping that has been copied over and over since the 07 days. maybe before then.

The videos made and worshiped by these people may OR MAY NOT contain video sources that have been used many times over such as CDI,Dr Rabbit, SMW,Robotnik and so on.

But this is NOT, repeat, NOT the underlining identifier of a spa-dinner quality poop. As the "War On AIDS" would make you think

(in other words, you make a mama luigi poop. you don't automatically have a bad poop. thats just STUPID. Stop saying thats what i mean)

What makes a spa-dinner grade poop is the continuous re-use of the same tired jokes that have been done and re-done over and over again by many poops by many people and said,spammed,meme'd, CONSTANTLY posted on 4chan for a long period of time.

things like:

  • WMM rainbow effect, normally accompanied with dance music and repeats of a clip.
  • popular youtube,4chan,or other memes such as Shoop Da Woop,over 9000, WTF Boom and others.
  • replacing dialogue of a source with quotes from over used sources like CDI,SMW, and robotnik

Example: "I do hope you're F-luck your dinner Pingas in my gay luigi *mama luigi's scream*"

  • Blank video tracks with sex noises and sentence mixing put over it to sound like the subject is having sex. normally accompanied with the word "censored"
  • Censor Bleeps

This spa-dinner community is dead set on believing this is the ONLY type of youtube poop in the world and should be.

Their Lord,King,God and master is normally one of these people

Walrusguy (Eat my shit all of you, you know its true),DeeperCutt,MrRoboto113,AlvinYTP,CaptainOhYeah,Waxonator (the newest cult leader of this group),DikeKike (Krobo), and any and all of the big time CDI poopers who ONLY make "plot poops" involving sex,plots,Flash animation or otherwise"


Spadinner is a controversial subject, since many people consider it to be the second coming of AIDS, arguing that the forum has matured beyond stuff like that. Others argue that poops like this are generic and unfunny since the community has evolved. Neither viewpoint is wrong, but as opinions, they mean little. Regardless, many newcomers only familiar with the earlier, boomer days continue to make poops of this caliber. At some points in time, admitting that you liked 2007-style poops on the forums was like a death wish. It got that bad. The term is often used in a derogatory manner.

Of course, it's all just a matter of perspective. When people are being earnest and make a poop like this, they're criticized. If a professional pooper intentionally creates a poop reminiscent of the boomer era, then it's considered a "classic" poop.

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