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Could you maybe add "Self-Reference: Mentioning Youtube Poop as if it was something that really exists in the Poop's world by replacing it with another noun. Dr. Light's creation of the world's first Youtube Poop in MEEEMEME MAN is probably the most well-known example of this." since I see that more and more people actually start doing this?

Couple of things I would suggest adding. -TheBigL1

  • Back-and-Forth Loop: Playing a short clip forward, then reversed, going back and forth. Depending on the clip, this effect may be used for the resulting movement, the resulting sound, or both.
  • Extreme Speed-up: Increasing the playback speed of a clip to the point where it's impossible to keep up with the action, and the audio becomes unintelligible. This can be used for footage that otherwise would not have any humor.
  • Musical Sequence: Syncing clips to a musical accompaniment. MrSimon's musical sequences are among the most well-known, including the famous "Stay Here While I Bash Koopa Football Playas".

How many poopisms does a video need to be a poop? -Calculate900

n00neimp0rtant says: Someone had better give me a good reason why Reversal isn't on this page. It's by far my favorite technique, it's ridiculously popular, and there's not a single mention of it. What gives?

Why is this still here?

This page is redundant and out-dated. Why have a page listing the poopisms when we have a category for them? I recommend deleting it.