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I think that pages marked with the "Delete" tag should be deleted instead. -Yoshit.

I agree. I refuse to shorten my page; I put an incredible amount of time (more than a year) and effort into making my page that way and will not simply let portions of it be wiped out with the press of a button. I have always been vividly interested in Wikipedia-style articles, which is why I come back to it so much. I'd say delete marked pages. -NS2

Yeah, I'd rather have articles chock-full of information, rather than barebones. In fact, isn't the entire point of the Chewiki to learn more about your favourite (or in some cases, hated) characters, sources, and poopers?

And also, this template is only adding to the bandwith-wasting. How hypocritical ironic. NinjaCoachZ 17:22, 16 October 2009 (CDT)

I agree with all of you because I love putting info of characters on here, whether it be real or just made up stuff. Deleting stuff from perfectly fine articles isn't the right way to fix the Chewiki. I suggest that either we do what NS2 & Yoshit suggested and/or we try to add a little bit more bandwith for this place. - Crazy Luigi

I think we should delete the articles nominated for deletion; I'm not sure if the Chewiki still stores the edits of deleted pages. Shortening pages may actually cause more space to be taken on the Wiki hard drives, since I'm pretty sure the Chewiki stores changes. --PSE1nf0 17:41, 16 October 2009 (CDT)

  • No, they aren't, so throw the marked articles in the trash, and pull-up the links, if applicable. -Yoshit.