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==In Brief==
==In Brief==
Before you begin editing you must [[Special:CreateAccount|create an account]].  Registering is easy and you will be approved by a Staff Member as soon as possible so you can begin contributing.
If you've not used a MediaWiki before then you may find writing in it both intimidating and annoying. But don't worry, you're not alone. Create subpages of your user page and use them like a sandbox or a place to save useful or favorite links. And remember: many Poopers may well spend hours or days spell-checking or capitalizing every proper noun in this wiki. When in doubt just say [[No]].   
'''On talk pages, please sign your name using four tildes (<nowiki>~~~~</nowiki>) like so. This records your name and the time of signing.'''
*To create an internal link (aka wikilink), that take you to another page use [[ ]]
*To link to an external link use a single square bracket '''[''' then the link '''<nowiki></nowiki>''' followed by a space and the the name of the link before closing with another single square bracket ''']''' It should end up looking like this.
::<nowiki>[ YouTubePoop]</nowiki>
*The place an image use '''<nowiki>[[Image:Example.jpg|thumb|right]]</nowiki>'''
*For tiny text use <nowiki><small></nowiki><small>Tiny words for tiny ideas</small><nowiki></small></nowiki>
==First poops seen==
==First poops seen==
* [[Help:Rules|Rules]]
* [[Help:Etiquette|Etiquette/Manners]]
* [[Help:Sysops and Staff Members|Sysops and Staff Members]]
===First poop made===
===First poop made===
* [[Help:Navigation|Navigation]]
* [[Help:Searching|Searching]]
* [[Help:Tracking changes|Tracking changes]]
* [[Help:Namespaces|Namespaces]]
* [[Help:Editing pages|Editing pages]]
* [[Help:Starting a new page|Starting a new page]]
* [[Help:Formatting|Formatting]]
* [[Help:Links|Links]]
* [[Help:Categories|Categories]]
* [[Help:Characters|Making a character article]]
The complete list of templates and tags for use in articles
For you to copy/paste into new entries
== Methods ==
== Methods ==
* [[Help:Images|Images]]
* [[Help:Tables|Tables]]
* [[Help:Variables|Variables]]
* [[Help:Creating Templates|Creating Templates]]

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In Brief


First poops seen

First poop made