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    Doesn't he know how to turn them off, which cracks me up. I'm guessing he did this to annoy you as joke.
  2. British Poopers Vs Ameican Poopers.

    I'm a Brit.... notable with that awesome video last year but this arguemnt is ridiclous. Unless it's refering to the videos being epic shit then I'm out.
  3. Sonic Adventure quote thread

    "THERE'S NO TIME TO PLAY FUN AND GAMES" "How's that perfect like me?!" "I'm not done with you yet - SONIC WIND!" "I'm going to use YOUR TECHNIQUE------ CHAOS CONTROL"
  4. Nintendo games that are/were sold in EU but not in America

    Wii Chess.... if you don't count the other 2 countries as Wii retail releases Europe had a retail release since Jan 2008.. Japan is getting it as a Wii Ware release America ????? atm
  5. World of goo

    There will be a retail only release in Europe with an extra chapter and sandbox I heard from Wiki, but I hope they won't charge it for £20+ that's a complete rip off other wise. 1500 Nintendo points is roughly over £10.
  6. Earthworm Jum is out on the PAL/AUS VC

    Oh shit I spelt Jum not Jim....
  7. Earthworm Jum is out on the PAL/AUS VC

    GGGGrrovvy It's the Mega Drive version.
  8. So I managed to make a Chewiki page (a source page)

    Wow you take things so seriously like a name elitist. Besides Poopuctions > Productions. So I'm not leaving no matter how much you try it's just a bunch words that can't physically hurt you.
  9. So I managed to make a Chewiki page (a source page)

    I'm gald someone is following the subject. Monkey Dust is like Marmite, you love it or you hate it.
  10. So I managed to make a Chewiki page (a source page)

    Did you read it properly.......
  11. http://pooparchive.com/wiki/index.php/Monkey_Dust It's a really good Animated Series. I used it on my Greenalinkpoopuction video "Noodles the Rabbit never brushes his teeth". Probably a good solution for thoses who are on a Pooper block.
  12. So Shaymin is finally CATCHABLE BY gLITCHING

    Speed runs are quite interesting to watch though. It does a trick a viewer may never seen before. My channel was originally just Gaming then after seeing some poops from the Boomers I gave it a shot, I was quite good. Sadly I am having a weak Pooper block disease but I have made an Alt which I will tell you all soon.
  13. So Shaymin is finally CATCHABLE BY gLITCHING

    If you have any questions on the glitch feel free to PM me. During the last steps at "Fake" Seabreak Path you can use the kit on the white part of the long thin parth as long the game says it's Jubilife. Don't use it on the Water or the black part of the path for obvious reasons.
  14. Only works on Diamond and Pearl. Very risky if you don't follow the steps as well. Enjoy.
  15. Ripoff of the orange box

    Which is only useful for Generation 3 because Pal Park doesn't accept Pokémon with HMs including the surfing Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu,