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  1. Total Annihilation Lots of Fleas Vs Krogoth

    Finally. It had the percentage feature back in Feb 2007 and stupidly removed it. Sounds cool to me because my PC will be back 2moro.
  3. Total Annihilation

    My first "Non-demo from a PC mag CD" RTS. There's barely any videos on Youtube. I want to make a playlist.
  4. Total Annihilation

    D-GUN > Dinner Attack
  5. PAL games

    Rare optimised the frame rate issues in the PAL reigons so the Donkey Kong Country Trilogy's game speed was as good as the NTSC counterparts. Hanabi Festivals releases on the VC are 60FPS whilst the rest are 50fps not counting TurboGrafx 16/CD. Apparently some games are only slower on the Game's speed not the music speed like Megaman 3. I hate slower music it makes me think I'm going slow.
  6. So I just did a Kirby's Adventure Speedrun in under 50 mins

    Actually I did it in segments because of a glitch that requires a 1 frame window timing (in other words perfect timing). Also this was the PAL version so the timings are 5/6 speed compare to NTSC. So if this was done in America/Japan it would be under 45 Minutes. I need to sort out some DVD-Rs to submit to SDA but it's not going to be easy because the run itself is destroyed by using the UFO.
  7. So I just did a Kirby's Adventure Speedrun in under 50 mins

    Thanks Pspimp. I want to upload my 100% NSMB run sooo bad to see how much improvement it had in my test run (incase you are wondering my PC sin't back yet... stilll for nearly 3 months and now uncomfirmed that my files are going to be cleared out/deleted :( ) Luckily I got a new 750GB external harddrive for just £70 which seems a really good deal to me comapre to Argos for £140 (same size).
  8. And it seems like a World Record to me & explains my near 3 month absense to Youtube poop. You're welcome to poop it like Super Shitehole Bros 3 just say in the description about my gameplay sort of thing (Kirby clips played by Greenalink) I don't want my fanboys saying people are stealing my Kirby video etc. (Rest are on my channel frontpage)
  9. The Pok

    Actually Movie 8: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew is partly Canon because: Later on in the Pokémon DP Battle Dimension series you get to see Ash's Aura senses in use to find Rilou and also in another episode Team Rocket giving Chocolate to Lucario just like in the movie.
  10. The Pok

    11th Movie next week in Japan. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl is airing on CITV channel. 6:55am to 7:45am Double Bill every Weekday. It's so weird that the frame rate is at 50/50 after seeing loads already at 25/30 frames per second.
  11. Nearly everyone knows the infamous Falcon Punch on Black Shadow but have you seen: Samurai Goroh vs Hyper Zoda??? (Fight starts at 3:07) The source for the episode is in this channel (episodes 26/27 - 51)
  12. Transformers Animated

    I'm sure his name was Wasp in this one. Yet he does has the Waspinator style voice.
  13. Good games you guys are not likely to play...

    Zak and Wiki
  14. Shaymin's new Forme

    No, I'm just saying there is already porn of it and lol internet. Lol, one time (2006/7) it got hacked and it had a flash cartoon of Nidoking and Zangoose making love...(not saying anymore than that).
  15. Shaymin's new Forme

    What..... don't tell me it's been hacked again.... oh no I dodn't post this for XXX purposes (I've just checked and it's seems ok).