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  1. hi let's make funny tag posts here okay HOLYSH it's actually 2nnt how's it goin man, thought you're gone O:
  2. HELLO Facebook told me to join the poop tennis how do sign up I WANNA BE IN THE POOPS
  3. Hey! I'll join! I'd love to join! I've always wanted to poop serious, but I was always afraid it'll look bad! If I poop as part of a collab... I might just get off clean! Sign me up then - I'll try my best to make at least grin.
  4. Kdenlive works pretty good for now. I got it from apt and it seems up to date. I still need to figure out how to pitch shift effeciently, I'll just read through the man later. The whole audio editing in it is too simple, but then again I wouldn't expect something proffesional (if there is even a pro audio timeline-based software for Linux). It's nice and basic, pretty good for semi-serious projects or fillers I'd say - better than expected. Thanks!
  5. So is there something like that? Or just any other timeline-based video / audio programs that are similar to Vegas? You see, I'll soon have to move out to a small place while my house is having reconstructions done, and the only computer I could take with me is an old Pentium 4 based one, and oh boy, I am NOT going to even bother to install Windows on that crap. The thing is, minimal Linux distros (currently running Crunchbang) are running surprisingly well on it. I know the performance might be terrible, but it's my only option now. Got anything?
  6. Funk Blaster by KOAN Sound. It's not amazing, but it's fairly good.
  7. Oh my god, this fucking song. I remember myself, a really long time ago, playing Sonic Adventure DX for the PC. And I got to this part when E102 sacrifices himself to get Amy that weird bird at the end... and this song playing. My god I started crying like a bitch, didn't really know why, but it was so sad I kept crying the whole credit role afterwards. Now days when I listen to this song it just feels amazingly deep and nostalgic, and I get goosebumps and everything... I miss this game ;__;
  8. So I assume you're CaptainStringCheese? Judging from your forums name, that is.
  9. Hey thanks for the responses guys, I appreciate it.
  10. Italo disco / 80's disco / 80's general = has some of the best songs I've ever heard. There are so many amazing songs from the 80's, I can't even think of some.
  11. ... more of just a thing to clear out. I'm However, I opened an account here on an old Email account I had and lost it a while ago, so I had to open this one. Oh and I don't really live in Denemark or whateverthefuck I've put right there, it's just that Israel is not one of the countries you can choose from when you sign up here So Hi.
  12. Hey! I'd love to join! I wanna do Death Egg 2, if it's possible. Can you contact me on Youtube? my channel is "omniputance".