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  1. Good movies you've seen recently

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  2. I try to search something there, and I get no results.
  3. Thanks! Hmm, but it looks like I can't search in those sections. Can you fix that?
  4. Good movies you've seen recently

    Blood Simple The Coen brothers' first film. Very dark and suspenseful, an excellent debut. Hail, Caesar! The Coen brothers' latest film. Not one of their strongest works, but it's a pretty fun send-up of old-fashioned Hollywood productions.
  5. General Television Discussion Thread

    So did anyone else see the new X-Files revival? It's (still) kind of a mess, but an interesting mess nonetheless. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson still have good chemistry as well IMO.
  6. Not dead.

    Welcome back, sir!
  7. Good movies you've seen recently

    ...And God Spoke Hilarious mockumentary about low-budget filmmakers trying to make a biblical epic, and failing spectacularly.
  8. Yeah, I've been wanting to see the the old showroom for a while now too. I just hope it wasn't deleted or something.
  9. Good movies you've seen recently

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas One hell of a trip that was.
  10. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    Also just played Romero's new Doom map. It's hard as balls even on easy difficulty, but yeah, it's pretty damn awesome. I look forward to hearing more about his next FPS.
  11. Good movies you've seen recently

    The Revenant Man was that brutal, but I kinda loved it. A raw and visceral survival story with extraordinary camerawork and cinematography.  And please, someone give Leonardo DiCaprio a damn Oscar already.
  12. Steven Universe Thread

    Haven't kept up with this show lately but...