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Recommended YouTube Poops of March 2017

Crazy Luigi
  • After a new month came and went, the best of March 2017 has now been set. Enjoy the best of the best that was had throughout the ides of March.

Crazy Luigi's Pick: "Steve's full frontal lobotomy" by FishTitan64

Sometimes having a hiatus can be a wonderful thing to have for a person. That can especially be the case when it comes to creativity, like in the case with a user named FishTitan64. In his description, he noted that he really needed to take a year off from watching YouTube Poops and generally making more complex videos as a whole, and I think that can be a wise move if you aren't really thinking up too much of anything along the way. As a creator, sometimes it's best to not force an issue at hand if you don't have an easy time with it. I mean, even though it actually took him closer to ten months to complete this video between projects (that didn't involve either reuploads, experiments, or memes), it can be argued that this hiatus of his managed to produce a better product at hand because of it.

While I normally don't start off by giving immediate praise for a beginning on a video, I have to admit that the way he started this video off was real nice on FishTitan64's end. Granted, he did admit he got this bit from a section from Reddit called "Wholesome Memes," but considering that some people these days are feeling like complete shit for one reason or another, I think it was a great way to start things off. If nothing else, it definitely gave me a smile on my face that did get wiped out throughout the rest of the video. That's not to say that the video was only that which made me want to talk about it. On the contrary, it really is his personal style that really highlights why he's actually one of the more underrated YouTube Poopers out here! In fact, you could really tell by just the first 40 seconds of the video alone how well thought out his edits are whenever he showcases them to the viewer.

After the sweet little introduction, his attention to detail towards his edits really comes into effect between Steve talking about designs like the rapper Desiigner, how one of Blue's Clues suddenly went really gay, the brief YTPMV bit to go with Steve and Blue's bits, and even having some fun with Steve saying he doesn't like things either. Not only that, but there's also some great comedic timing found with some of his edits, like how his caterpillar's "climbing the milk" and how Steve's house is obsessed with fish to the point of him joking around with that notion. Those moments combined with his music jokes and references (such as the Run The Jewels hand signs that Steve does near the end of the video) also help provide a great feel for making a presence that truly makes it stand out among its peers. Even his outside source jokes, like the "Giggity Giggity Goo" that Quagmire from Family Guy and some guy saying "with benefits" to add onto Steve's letter from his friends, still manage to get a good laugh out of me, with the ending bit providing the greatest laugh out of me that I could have had for an ending of a YouTube Poop for at least the last few months. All I can really say to explain why that's the case is the fact that after so many years of watching Blue's Clues, one would wonder what would happen if all the guesses involving said Blue's Clues were wrong. Even then, this video definitely provides more than enough joy and laughter out of me to give it my recommendations all around.

Dieathan's Pick: "Robotnik Remembers Where He Put His Three-Month-Old Boxing Day Memes" by TheBigL1

There are times where people of amazing talent will only showcase such talent on rare occasions. TheBigL1 used to be a fairly frequent YouTube Pooper from roughly around 2007 to 2010, amassing quite a bit of fame as a YouTube Pooper. However his output has slowed down significantly, as he now prioritizes his efforts primarily towards Garry's Mod and Source Film Maker videos (pretty enjoyable ones at that, mind you) to go with the odd audio YouTube Poop on occasion. Nowadays he only produces YouTube Poops at least every 6 months or so, making him rather dormant as a YouTube Pooper. However, recently he has graced us with yet another wonderful Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube Poop, and it helps to serve as a reminder as to why we still admire his YouTube Pooping talents to this day.

The sentence mixing in this video gets a real workout here from what I witnessed. Between him using Dr. Robotnik as a means to utter lines from those Angry Robotnik comics that sneaked their way onto the Internet all those years ago, and most notably part of the lyrics to the LazyTown music video "We Are Number One", complete with smoothly animated and imposed heads of Robotnik and his dumbbots, and that alone marked it as my favourite part of this YouTube Poop. I mean the sheer amount of effort that was presumably put into assembling this scene has to be admired there. This is of course thrown in with plenty of stutters, scrambling of clips, and several simple but well-constructed and effective jokes such as watching Robotnik fail to pull a lever accompanied with car engine revving-like noises, all of which are executed with great expertise.

The entire video feels like an evolved form of the kind of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog we would expect from the likes of BoogidyBoo, wikiwow, and Stegblob back in the day. And it amazes me how a source such as Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, which despite the amount of usage it has seen in YouTube Poops over the years, can still appear seemingly fresh with creativity and inspiration when in the hands of particular YouTube Poopers eleven years on. Luckily, TheBigL1 still remains as one of those YouTube Poopers. He may not bring out YouTube Poops as often as used to, but he can still make fine-ass YouTube Poop today, that's for sure.

Thebluespectre's Pick: "(YTP) Skodewarde Breaks a Time Machine" by Trudermark

Trudermark only began posting YouTube Poops a few years ago, but he's already considered a classic video maker. On one hand, it says quite a bit about how fast the internet moves, that someone who began three years ago at an artistic movement popularized about 10-15 years ago can be so deeply established. On the other hand, Trudermanrk really is that freaking good at this. He made me like a SpongeBob SquarePants YouTube Pooop. Given that I associate SpongeBob SquarePants with very young or inexperienced mashup artists, seeing what a master of the craft can do with something so yellow, absorbent and porous as he... makes me smile.

It helped that he picked the time machine episode too! The very episode with a caveman proto-SpongeBob, the character design that became a meme despite being declared a dead meme at conception. Like Spiderman's daughter, Caveman SpongeBob seems to live on in some hopeful what-if timeline despite being stillborn literally everywhere else. It seems to be a re-run of Milhouse, who is still not a meme and will never be, only with a Homo Habilis sea sponge. Come to think of it, aren't sea sponges already some of the simplest animals possible? What would devolving a sea sponge give you, the same thing but with no skeletal structure? A pile of cyanobacteria? Half the fun of time travel plots really is over-thinking the mechanics. 

Anyways, Trudermark's use of video game assets is spot-on. Granted Earthbound was an easy pick, but there's never any reason to actually not use Earthbound music anywhere. The time warp posts from Sonic CD (visible in the thumbnail) are... actually a pretty obscure pull. There are kids today who have no idea the Sega CD system even existed, let alone this game. It's not the best game, but it's still good old Sonic from before Sonic Team tried to "re-invent" the series every six months, and is living proof that environment switching mechanics are old as dirt. And then Serperior from Pokemon Black/White showed up for a sentence mixing gag, and I laughed quite a bit. Having Serperior turn out to be a recurring character, though, made me bust out laughing way too loud. The best recurring gag is the unexpected one, I've noticed.

If I have any complaints, it's that Trudermark didn't need to touch the part where Squidward falls out of time and space, becoming truly ALONE. I recognize that part of YouTube Poop is that nothing is forbidden and nothing is sacred. The real question to ask is if mashing up any given clip can make it more surreal, and the ALONE segment simply can't be make weirder or more disturbing. Adding a bunch of random SuuS flying around actually spoiled the feel of the segment, making it too chaotic, perhaps making it too familiar. When the focus is off of Squidward, it's hard to actually call him ALONE at all. YouTube Poop really does make anything more familiar, doesn't it? 

Short story long? Anything by Charles Dickens, the guy was literally paid by the word. Long story short, though? This is what I want to see more of in YouTube Poop. There are more abstract videos that entertain me, and I can even get into ear rape videos in the same way that I can get into the flavor of pickled vegetables. Stuff like Trudermark's creations are my preferred kinds of YouTube Poop, though, and that might not change for a long while.

Ben's Pick: "{YTP} - Peppa Pig's Annual Pansexual Cake Flipping Competition of 2017" by NKpower

This video comes from our friend NKpower, and it's a great ride from start to finish. If something makes me audibly laugh, chances are, it's pretty hilarious. Well, this video managed to accomplish that pretty easily. Throughout the video, I found myself constantly wondering what was going to happen next. It's quite unpredictable, in that as soon as one joke begins, it's already shifted gears in an unexpected direction, which is always entertaining when done correctly. It's one thing to make a single gag or edit land well, but it's another thing entirely to immediately build on it and subvert the audience's expectations for a second payoff. That requires not only the knowledge of what joke should be used, but also sound judgment to give it the right timing so that the audience can anticipate something and be properly caught off guard. As a matter of fact, upon seeing George's flashback for the first time, I had to rewind it and rewatch it immediately because I liked it so much. From a technical standpoint, the edits are seamless and blend well with the source material without any obvious errors, so it earns quite a few points on this front as well. The visual distortions and color manipulation effects are also impressive and entertaining without coming across as unnecessarily jarring or otherwise unpleasant. Perhaps that's more of a matter of personal taste, because I know that others may be more receptive to loud and jarring audio and visual effects. Regardless, this video has its share of these kinds of edits, but they don't cross the boundary of being irritating or anything like that (not for me, anyway). I look forward to seeing what else NKpower has for us down the road.

And just like I promised, the Recommended YouTube Poops of March 2017 has come and gone with a piece right on time (for a change of pace). Hopefully you guys enjoy what we thought were some of the absolute best of the best released this month. If there were any videos that we missed for whatever reason, please let us know. Otherwise, we seriously can't wait for what this new month will have in store for the rest of us! Until then, though, stay classy.

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Wait... I'm featured again? Well I'm certainly honoured to have another mention in the YTP of the Month thing again, thank you!

Congratuations to everyone who's been mentioned in this, you all took a lot of time and effort into making content that deserve a mention. I should probably watch some more while I'm at it, lol. ^_^

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Once again, congrats to everyone who had their poops featured! 

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This was a pretty nice month in terms of poops, and April is looking pretty promising also. Congrats everyone!

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Thanks for the feature, Crazy Luigi! 

Technically, the video took me two hour-long sessions over the span of two days to make. I spent the ten months beforehand not making videos. But yes, I do agree that the hiatus benefited my creative energy for the better.

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