YouChew (formerly named YouChewPoop from 2007 to 2011) was a label given to a variety of esoteric interests, the most prominent of which being a message board from 2007 to 2018 (with a short-lived revival from 2019-2020) dedicated to YouTube Poop, a name given to surrealist video remixes made for comic effect. This domain is now home to archival content. The forum archives are provided courtesy of another web developer, while the Chewiki and revival archives are both hosted under this domain.

Following the first and second closings of YouChew and the closing of Neon Castle, YTPMania has since been designated as the new hub for the community.

We are also interested in being able to archive other, more unoffical YouChew spin-offs, such as Futures Passed (a music-based forum consisting of YouChew members) and The Little Dragons (a forum led by JoeTheBlueDragon, Mira, and Smonge, the latter of whom going on to create YTPMania), so any information regarding either of those now-defunct forums would be greatly appreciated!

Pictured: Snake mourns the inevitable demise of a community that he sunk eleven years of his life into. He has few feelings other than one that can vaguely be described as "melancholy".