YouChew (formerly named YouChewPoop from 2007 to 2011) was a label given to a variety of esoteric interests, the most prominent of which being a message board from 2007 to 2018 (with a short-lived revival from 2019-2020) dedicated to YouTube Poop, a name given to surrealist video remixes made for comedic effect. This domain is now home to archival content regarding the past incarnations of the website. The forum archives are provided courtesy of another webmaster, while the Chewiki and revival archives are both hosted under this domain.

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Following the first and second closings of the YouChew forums and the closing of Neon Castle, has been revived as a read-only hub, while YTPMania has since been designated as the new hub for the community.

The YTPMania forums have been undergoing renovations since July 2022, with the release of a more modern redesign resuming construction as of July 2023. Further updates regarding the site can be found at the YTPMania Twitter.

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For those who prefer Discord as their social media platform, another loosely affilated YouTube Poop community by the name of Pinchbacks is also open to budding YouTube Poopers and content creators alike.

Also, be sure to check out the trailer for Arzette: The Jewel of Faramore (Twitter), a new passion project spearheaded by a former YouChew admin/the mastermind behind the CDi Zelda remakes!

Last of all, the Angery Dome Discord server is available for YouChew veterans and newcomers alike. It was originally launched as the original YouChew Discord server, retooled into Neon Castle, and revamped as a free speech haven by Stegblob (You remember the creator of the "PINGAS" meme? She's your gal.) in 2021.

Pictured: Snake solemnly pays tribute to the inevitable, lasting changes of a community into which he devoted eleven years of his life. He has few feelings other than one that can vaguely be described as "melancholy".


Last but not least, here's our guestbook for the old guard.