Active during the same time as and following much of the same formula as Boogidyboo, Sonic729 remained considerably underrated in comparison, probably something to do with him being a dedicated user of Windows Movie Maker. One exception was that he always cropped up in the suggested videos of Boogidyboo’s and others’ Robotnik YouTube Poops, and to many that watched his work that was precisely how they found him. Anyone who invested time would discover that he had his own independent knack for enhancing the mythology of the World’s Sexiest Fat Man; namely, a series of videos that humorously conceptually documented Robotnik’s rise and fall from the American Presidency. While much of his work is now lost, viewers can still enjoy his hits such as “Robotnik Gets a Job at McDonald’s”, “The Chronicles of President Robotnik” and “Robotnik Gets Impeached”, videos that showed that Sonic729 could ride the Robotnik Wave as well as anyone who tried. His work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive