Crash2991 was a First Generation Tennis Fuck and, along with RabbitSnore, strong414bad, GameBop and MrDrunkenFox, among the very earliest of the members of that staff to play YouTube Poop Tennis. He was most active on the YouChew Forums during the Rabbit/TINS era, and alongside the rest of the First Generation of Fucks, as well as sonicnerd23, Markie, and MAZZ0Murder, contributed greatly to the lore of the informal and humorous INCREDIBLE LASER SWORD collective, born out of a series on in-jokes on the site. As a player, he was very comparable to and a good collaborative foil of fellow First-Gen Fuck RAKninja due to a similar taste in used sources (Sgt. Frog, Gundam Wing, Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball Z and RPG Gameplay were among them) and a style rooted in classic techniques that was still open to experimental ventures. He played competitively only twice, in the 2008 Tennis Cup I and the 2009 Tennis Season, but the matches he was involved in regarding both competitions are known to be among the more memorable ones. These include matches played with MTB710, TheChutley, and a doubles match vs. JazzDanceForChildren and TangerineImpz with RAKninja as his teammate, along with other notable matches played with NS2, RAKninja, RetroTheRaccoon, and a three-way with TheDarkRises and XBR4D3NX. He became less active after 2009 and permanently retired in 2012, only making very rare appearances in the community subsequently. His work can be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive