Introducing YouChew's new dating service!

For YouChew's third incarnation, we're doing something just a little bit different.

We love the idea of being able to form connections with loved ones. And we also love YouTube Poop. So why not combine the two? Introducing YouChew eDating!™ It's our patented process (it has a TM sign, so you can tell that it's legit!) for forming lasting connections guaranteed to last at least an entire day! We've never done anything like this before, and to be honest, we're surprised as to why. Take some notes, Conrad Slater!

Why should you trust YouChew eDating?
  • Affordable: We don't charge you a dime more than you're comfortable with. Pricing starts at $150/week!
  • Reliable: Our 20% success rate speaks for itself.
  • Some other third thing: We're trying to think of a marketing buzzword to give ourselves some credibility, hold on a second...


Don't believe us? Don't take our word for it!*

Captpan x Haruhi

"I remember it like it was yesterday..." — Captpan
"I gotta fart." — Haruhi

Feghoot x Konata

"I just love blue hair." — Feghoot

Mari x Robotnik

"Who knew that YouTube Poop would lead us this far?" — Mari

ErroneousMonk x CptnSmonge

"Ever since I first laid eyes on YTPMania, I just knew that it was love at first sight!" — ErroneousMonk
"He simply adores the libertarianismy goodness of my poop forums." — Smonge

Fiddlelid x PSE1nf0

"Marry me, Fiddle." — PSE1nf0
"...What?" — FiddleLid

Stu x Sabrina Skunk

"I think you may have me mixed up with someone else." — Stu Pickles

P-Dash x Feet


Wario x Whelt

"We're actually dating ourselves, since we're the same person! Hard to believe, ain't it?"
— Whelt...or Wario, I think?

*No seriously, please don't.

Sound good?

...It actually does? Then great! Click on "Pricing" above to know how to get started! And enjoy your stay.