YouChew eDating was a massive success. Now that we know that yet another revival will end up well, now onto our fourth incarnation: YouChew NFTs!

Let's cut to the chase: simply put, NFTs are the future. We at YouChew decided to take advantage of the new realm of NFTs by offering a set of NFTs looking to appease even the pickiest YouChewers, for incredibly affordable prices*.

Robotnik NFTs: (Normal, Robocop, and Valentines')

Pros: Minimal energy usage, very attractive. What more could you want?
Cons: None whatsoever. Robotnik NFTs are amazing.

King Harkinian NFTs: (Obese, Platinum-Coated, and Dinner Blaster)

Pros: Extra security, ensured by enlisting the free labor of Hyrule prisoner and new cybersecurity expert Duke Onkled.
Cons: Requires much energy, emits 90% of the world's greenhouse emissions.

Smonge (aka Huckleberry Hound) NFTs: (Libertarian, Laser Eyes, and Goth)

Pros: These NFTs will keep you comfy at night. And they're inexpensive. Free market capitalism, baby!
Cons: May cause an entire thirteen-year video-remixing community to collapse just by existing — the usual. Something something having private libertarian viewpoints.
*To those able to sell their house and all their belongings.

For further information about how you can obtain your own NFT today, simply click here!