Art courtesy of the talented Matt Dean
The intro for Episode 1 of Pyramid Adventures.

You thought that Animation Magic didn’t make anything besides the (in)famous Zelda CD-i, Mutant Rmpage, and I.M. Meen games? Well, you’re in for a treat. Animation Magic developed a game called Pyramid Adventures, released in 1996 in very short quantities as part of an educational system (the game is about eating healthy and the food groups…hence, you know, the food pyramid).

Up until three days ago, no footage for this game existed on the internet…when suddenly, a user on Twitter named RecD posted a cam of the intro cutscene. Users LuigiBlood (known for his previous CD-i rips) and Dopply (known for being a goof) posted high quality rips of the source soon after, with Doppply’s being a high-quality capture from a real CD-i and LuigiBlood’s being a direct rip from the game.

A promising YTP source, the voice actor for DASH DANIELS, pictured above, is Jeffrey Rath, who you may know better as the voice of Link from the CD-i games. This opens a world of possibilities. There is a full audio rip of Dash’s lines available courtesy of user Mundy; Dopply and others will be doing a full playthrough and someone will eventually have the complete gameplay and other possible cutscenes uploaded as well.

YTPs have already started appearing! So far we have two…

Created by piezopie
Created by WalrusGuy

That’s right, even the legendary WalrusGuy is getting in on the action! We might be seeing the start of a YTP renaissance, folks. Stay tuned to this site for more YTP goodness, as I’m sure there’s a lot to come!