What is YouTube Poop? A great primer is on our wiki, the YTPedia, and should tell you just about everything you want to know. If you want the skinny, YTP is basically this: videos humorously or bizarrely edited from numerous sources, for the purposes of entertaining the viewer or the creator.

The odd name stems from a time when YouTube was young and wasn’t filled to the brim with millions of videos; these things were meant to be stumbled upon in search of something else, an in-joke between friends…”Uploading poop to YouTube”.

Despite (or maybe because of) its name, YouTube Poop continues to thrive as one of the longest-lasting and most beloved internet phenomenons in the world. Outgrowing the confines of the typical meme cynical, YTP gains new fans and evolves with each new generation of the internet.

This website is dedicated to being the central network of the foul-named cultural touchstone, with featured videos, community happenings, an archive directory, a wiki, and much more. No matter if you’ve been with the community for years or are just now stumbling into this wild world: welcome, and please enjoy your stay.


Dopply – Site Owner, Contributor, Developer
A long-time community figure, Dopply has been involved one way or another since 2007. This site is a culmination of everything he’s learned, and a way to give back to the community that he basically grew up with. When not tinkering with one of his many projects (be it game development, site development, community management, video production/editing…the list goes on…), he is an avid video game fan, playing a large library he intends to someday finish. Oh, he’s been getting pretty good at the whole cooking thing too, especially BBQ. He is very happily married to his wonderful wife, with a family of pets they adore.