DanielRadcliffe777 was one of the great enigmatic mad scientists of YouTube Poop, pushing it in explosively bold, daring, unexpected, wild and unconventional directions during the years that he was active. He can probably be most accredited to being the YouTube Pooper that popularized the use of After Effects in the form, and explored it’s visual potential in fantastic, unhinged ways that surprised and fascinated just about the entire community of his time in some form. Never could the same thing be expected twice from this creator, running the gamut from the visual phantasmagoria of “I WANNA DISCO ON YOUR RIDE TAKE A STICK” to the amusing quotable musical antics of “Cigga Weed”. And then sometimes in between he could make something utterly baffling, like “PAD” or “Plant a Billion Trees”. His musical prowess in his videos was utterly original and almost unmatched and the few tennises he played are signature if sometimes only for the incredible responses that he produced. He is these days mostly active as a musician and seems to greatly fear the bulk of his material being viewed by the public again (for reasons unknown and undescribed) but for now, a comprehensive-as-possible archive of his work can be viewed below.

Video Archive