A moderator/administrator who was most active during the Rabbit/TINS era, no one could bring enthusiasm and humor to a subject, especially one such as YouTube Poop, quite in the same way as Ing could. He was a noted fanatic of Godfrey Ho’s filmography, 80’s cartoons, and the animated Lord of the Rings Films, things which made many appearances in his work throughout the years. He was a strictly Windows Movie Maker user throughout his active period making videos and many of his videos have come to be recognized as legendary over time, including “Don’t Mess With Drake” and “Smaug is strong”. He was also an active tenniser, one among the winning team of the 2009 Tennis Season, and shared a close bond with the Tennis Fucks, and has subsequently been recognized as an unofficial member among them. His video work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive