To this day, ophios remains to some degree as prolific as he was from the time he began making YouTube Poops in late 2006. A once self-described “frontier explorer” of YTP, his large and understated influence over the form manifests itself at its clearest with his popularization of old memes like Manson Dope and #71519, the latter of which he cleverly re-celebrated on July 15, 2019. His video count is somewhere in the multi-hundreds, a considerably rare feat for a YTPer of his generation. His tennis matches, especially from the Tennis Cup I (2008) played a huge role in opening up exploration of slower, ambient editing approaches, an influence of style which can still be felt today. His marks on YouTube Poop as a whole helped to define much of the four years that followed the boomer period of 2006-2007, and he is remembered fondly and mostly by the older generations within it. He also seemed to always have a love of birds, particularly of the toucan variety. His work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive