Among the most prominent of the first generation of Tennis Fucks, RAK exerted a considerable influence over YouTube Poop Tennis during the Rabbit/TINS era of YouChew, helping to introduce theoretical discussion to the sport, being among the first to refer to tennis as a conversation, and to fully flesh out the variant of Doubles (2v2) matches, especially within a competitive structure. His unique signature editing style has been celebrated among tennisers for its daring individuality and uncompromising nature; he is especially known for a technique he occasionally dubbed “source cutting” wherein if he was given a round in a tennis match that he despised the sources of or, at times, consisted of heavy editing, he would either completely obscure it with his own added footage or cut it out completely, making his response very much of his own. He is probably most well known for “BROS.” the video that became known for its seemingly endless level of video “responses” when DRAGONFORCE, the video doing so previously, was taken down from YouTube by UMG. His work can be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive