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ComradeMorshu began his YTP career on 2010 with his debut and his most viewed video called: YTP : Morshu the coMMMunist. He quickly became known of utilizing Zelda CD-I cutscenes in unique way, thanks to greenscreen rips of these cutscenes and using Soviet propaganda and vintage films as his sources of choice. His videos frequently features Morshu and Zelda CD-I characters as heads plastered into people with new character development, such as Morshu being an agent of SMORSH or Cossack. While he isn’t as popular as others (390 subscribers as of writing), his videos can be fascinating to watch. The examples being: “Soviet Hyrule”, “Morshu MMMs the Soviet Anthem”, “Chapaev Saves the World from an army of Morshus” and “You Spin Meen Round”. You can watch the archive of his videos below:

Video Archive