Madanonymous began making videos in 2007, but you wouldn’t be able to immediately discern that from the videos they are most well known for. Their most reoccurring sources have been the Zelda CD-i cutscenes, and they have made a trademark for themselves out of continuously reinterpreting them in strange, bizarre, wonderful and jaw-dropping ways. Starting first with their informal 2009 series that dedicated a video to focusing on each individual character (“The King”, “Link”, “Zelda”, “Ganon”, “Gwonam”, “Impa”, “Morshu” and culminating in the brilliant “the queen”), they firmly established themselves in 2010 with a masterstroke series of videos that began with “jonathan swift returns from the dead to eat a cheese sandwich” featuring dramatic, surrealistic reimaginings of the most well-known cutscenes from the CD-i games including one dedicated to Hotel Mario. These videos and their other work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive