YouChew moderator from the Rabbit/TINS era, player of the third ever YouTube Poop Tennis Match, old school Robotnik pooper and fan of old anime and the Clone Wars miniseries are all things that you could connect back to UncleChuck. To those who know him, he’s also just an all around cool guy. As a tenniser he was along with BMATF and Markie among the longest running of the Original Five i.e. the first five people ever to play a game of YouTube Poop Tennis, playing a 5-round Lupin III themed final match with AshcrementVII in 2012. Among his most well known works as a YTPer overall are “Obi-Wan’s Sexy Suspender Striptease” and his videos from the three-way all Robotnik-themed match between himself, BMATF and Wikiwow, one of the first of many of it’s kind but sadly today is left incomplete. These can all be viewed in the video archive below.

Video Archive