Together with TitleinLarge, Link123456 helped to define the genre known as Flash Poop, where YouTube Poop meets animation and a (mostly) thorough plotline, often focused on battles and otherwise amusing adventures featuring familiar YTP characters. His main body of work in this field is the God Luigi series and the Triforce of Facegage series, both of which are considered to be Essential Viewing for anyone going down the rabbit hole that is YTP for the first time. He is also known for less linear and more irrelevant videos that use CD-i and Mama Luigi, and when prompted, could also reveal a secret weapon of really good stutter-based editing. Some of his best work in that area, including “Mario’s Silly Words”, unfortunately remains currently lost. He has since moved on and rebranded himself under the name of SeventyDicks, sporting a modified and more up-to-date approach. What has been saved of his videos past and present can be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive