The SeductiveBaz universe is one thoroughly populated by the galactic terror that is Phil Collins, the muscular grilling wunderkind that is Hulk Hogan, the always-moving-in-slow-motion David Hasselhoff, and the ominous cloud of RINGO. It’s also incredibly, explosively, hilariously loud. Baz entered into the game in 2007 and quickly found his footing with one of his most legendary videos, “YouTube Poop – The Movie”. From that point onward, it has almost seemed like he has been incapable of producing a single bad video, with his Phil Collins series of videos (parts II – IX, in anachronistic order, without ever making a “I”), “VEGETA’S FACE”, “HULK HOGAN’S ULTIMATE PENIS GRILL”, “Hulk Hogan’s Ultimate Nightmare”, “Average Night at Baz’s House” and “The Phonecall.wmv” all being among his long string of classic works. One of the original YouChew moderators, he once suggested on them in 2009 that YouTube Poops be renamed “Harrison Fords”, leading to nearly a decade of annual forum-wide events relating to the actor, and Baz’s own videos toward its perpetuation. Even as he has moved into later years of activity, his wit when it comes to the form has remained incalculable. His work can be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive