The YouChew Forums’ Princess of Purple had a reputation of always typing posts in a purple font and is known for the YouChew Food Staff, a yearly forum tradition from August 2008 onward where members could choose to either join the Food or Fasting Staff and engage in friendly, mutual site warfare. As a YouTube Pooper she was one of very few women in a traditionally male-dominated form, and one of the earliest among them. Her mostly WMM-created videos usually focused on a mixture of anime and AoStH and she was a frequent YouTube Poop Tennis player during the Rabbit/TINS era, participating in the 2009 Windows Movie Master Tournament, the 2009-2010 Grey Tennis Tournament, and the 2010 Three-Way Tournament. While never terribly popular in the overall scope of YTP, she always had a greatly visible presence on the YouChew Forums and remains highly regarded within that community. While the majority of her work is now hidden, her tennis videos can be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive