YouTube Poop every now and then has had their “blink and you’ll miss them” figures appear and go every so often, with Skrimpish very much being one such name. After only 19 videos and less than a year of activity, they disappeared almost never to be seen again. The work they left behind however has left a massive imprint on those who witnessed them firsthand. Together with Adobe Premiere CS5 and After Effects, Skrimpish was a keyframing juggernaut, inflicting his videos with sleek, fluid movement of many a wild type, from texture to composition to frame panning to frame distortion and always snapping back to normal at the end. He became a cult figure in 2009 through the video “100% pure horse glue”, a captivating deconstruction of Hotel Mario applied with Skrimp’s signature touch. He played tennis only a few times, but his rounds were greatly received for their skilled approach and off-kilter style. He later made one final appearance in Metzgorrre’s “///untitled///” collaboration video; When asked how Metz got Skrimpish to collaborate with him, Metz simply replied, “sex”. His complete work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive