“Toys Gone Wild” was the first ever YouTube Poop to reach one million views on YouTube, and for years was the very first result when one searched “youtube poop” in YouTube’s search engine. Boogidyboo quite nearly became pegged as another JeffLindblom-esque one hit wonder due to this, but fortunately escaped it to become equally known as one of the greatest and most influential Robotnik YTPers of all time. His videos essentially laid the classic groundwork for the format that Robotnik YTPs were to take alongside and after him. Starting with an introduction joke and the “YouTube Poop” logo, the main video would feature a whole slew of almost randomly-selected AoStH episodes, edited in an almost mini-vignette sort of way, with a very specific focus on all the scenes featuring Dr. Robotnik. A few seconds of one edited clip from one episode, then to a few seconds of another clip from a different place in that episode or a different episode entirely, ranging anywhere from a complex joke to more non-sequitur moments, like a silent clip of Robotnik walking in and backwards out of a shot. After a significant amount of time, there would then be a “Sonic Sez” segment, featuring one final humorous moment, and then the otherwise uncut but visually altered credits sequence of the show, almost always using a different song of the creators choice. From “Robotnik Buys Some Socks” to “Robotnik Takes a Flying Leap”, this was the Boogidyboo formula, becoming gradually more refined with each video as he went along. He abruptly stopped in 2009, and has never uploaded a new video ever since, adding to his legend and mystique. His work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive