RetroJape is as much a founder of YouTube Poop as his real-life friend SuperYoshi, with whom they collaborated on several videos together and contributed just as much important content in the embryonic pre-YouChew years of the form. Among his most notable of these was being the first to make a YouTube Poop of Mama Luigi(“Super Jario Bros”) and the first to make a YouTube Poop of SpongeBob (“Spongebob, Me Boy! Come Into Me Office”), along with probably his most signature work, “I SAID, ‘LET’S TAKE A SHIT, MARIO!'”. From 2007 onward he was less visible and hardly posted on the YouChew Forums, but he did later make one notable guest appearance in SuperYoshi’s “Let’s Fail Miserably At Super Mario World”, referencing each others videos, Mama Luigi, and finding amusement in “sick chocolate rituals” as they played through World 6 of the titular SNES game. His work can be found in the archive below.

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