When it comes to tennis, the best of it is generally dissected by the quality of each individual match, rather than each individual player. The one notable exception to this rule however could very well be the long running output of incredible videos put out by a veteran tenniser known as GameBop. Their approach to editing has been from a much more outside and individualist perspective than both their contemporaries and subsequent generations of YTPers, consisting of what could be seen as one continuous ongoing exploration of everything that Sony Vegas 5 is capable of, and often yielding some of the most mindblowing compositional results in return. They have played tennis for almost as long as the game has existed, starting their first matches in late 2007 including the first Multi-Way match, and remarkably, still going strong to some degree 12 years later. They are the winner of a record-holding three tennis tournaments, the 2009-2010 Grey Tennis Tournament, the 2013 Triples Cup (alongside MycroProcessor and EletricalMonkey) and the 2016 Match Voting Tournament(alongside ravinrabbid123), and maintain a competitive 7-game winstreak, the most of any player in competitive tennis. They were the first of the Second Generation Tennis Fucks to be added, and hold the distinction of being the longest serving member of that staff on YouChew. They have as of currently played/are playing a total of over 156 matches, including 99 that are fully completed, the third most in all of tennis. They have often been the most willing to partake in any organized tennis related event, lending videos to chains, mini-competitions, multi-ways, and notably starting a “vs. EVERYONE” match, featuring 100 rounds in which each even round is volleyed by a different person. They have influenced just about every generation of tennisers that gave come and gone and are looked upon by newer generations as both a legend and superstar of the form. While a cult figure for many years, they subsequently broke through to YTP at large and came to hold an impressive count of over 1,600 subscribers on YouTube. Their signature use of foreign language cartoon sources, often colorful and pattern/puzzle laden video layouts, and notable efforts to make their videos “G-rated” even when the rounds of their tennis opponents do not, have proven to merit a wide appeal, especially in non-English speaking countries, and their videos now regularly net 1,000+ views, from 1 second long to 3 minutes long. They are also known for the YTPMV segments of their videos, often in odd time signatures and with lots of atonal layering of sounds, an anomaly among the usual 4/4 pop form usually found done by other YTPers. Their works can be found in the archive below.

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