Dopply has been an informal father figure to the community of the YouChew Forums, and to a degree, all of YouTube Poop, for more than a decade. He was first made a YouChew Administrator at the age of 15, and effectively became the new leader and curator of the site following the end of the Rabbit/TINS era, at the age of 17. He alternated off and on between an administrative role subsequently, and even during the SuperYoshi, tabull and Whelt eras of the forum, his influence and guiding hand remained an indelible cornerstone and pillar holding up the site. To put it simply, YouChew was never the same whenever Dopply wasn’t around. While there seemed to be some initial doubt amongst the old guard following the initial retirement of Rabbit and TINS, Dopply has since proven himself to be one of the community’s greatest leadership figures, keeping the site alive and active with memorable events, activities and ideas up to the forum’s closure and beyond. Even today his drive to sanction community and host events continues in the form of this very site, of which he was its primary creator, and he continues to believe in YouTube Poop’s potential as a serious medium much in the same way Conrad Slater did in the very early years. His own videos, while not many, are full of classics, including his signature work “Merlin’s Penis”, its subsequent sequels, “Bono Makes a Statement”, “Beemen”, “I.M. Gay” and “Gwonam’s Ire”, many of which have subsequently been edited to remove offensive content. These can all be found in the archive below.

Video Archive