Krobo was one of the “Big Three” of YouTube Poop between the years 2007 and 2010, standing alongside WalrusGuy and Deepercutt as the three most popular and infamous YTPers of the era, each with a relatively simple style and each with a subscriber count in the several tens of thousands. Krobo holds the distinction of being currently the most well-known and active of the three, and it seems that he hasn’t stopped creating classic videos. From early classics such as “Green Eggs and Eggs”, “Clumsy Truthful Wholesome Small Mage Koopas” and “King Dedede Inhales a Negative Ion”, to later classics such as “The Fresh Prince of Blair”, “How The Grirch Borrowed Hanukkah” and the “Steven Jewniverse” saga, Krobo has been a unique talent able to keep up with the standard of his best work after over a decade. With 7 videos to his name containing over one million views, anyone who has heard of YouTube Poop has almost certainly heard of KroboProductions. Two archives of his videos can be found in the archive below.

KroboMemorial Archive

Current Channel Archive