Graham Kartna, known amongst the community for when he was known as Kurkop, is a fascinatingly inventive artistic mind. From 2010 to now he has carved out for himself an entirely unique and individual musical style and visual aesthetic, something which he continues to evolve across his currently active music career. All of this started with the videos he made while within the fringes of the YTP community, mostly in the realm of YTPMV, but also YTP Tennis. As a YTPMVer he perfected the forms then-growing art of visual presentation, bringing ambient textures and abstract structures into the video frame, giving his musically-edited sources an environment to move around in and exist in for anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. As was per the norm of YTPMV, he did many versions of already existing songs, but is also well known for his original compositions, most notably “A Life Saving’s Worth of Dog Food and Flashlights”, the song and YTPMV that both defined and established him as a creator, which he would go on to re-interpret several times. He also did many percussion-only YTPMV compositions, and was one of very few to soar in that field. As a tenniser, he took on an extremely jaded and experimental all-After Effects editing style, creating much darker, noisier and chaotic environments that earned him considerable notice and admiration from the 2010-2011 generation of tennisers. Both of these facets came to a head on November 23, 2011, a date wherein he instructed the audience to “FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNEW ABOUT KURKOP”, when he uploaded his penultimate masterwork, “Something Occurred”, merging the two into a cohesive and original whole which was met with great reception. Not long after this he moved onto almost explicitly focusing on music which he continues to do to this day. His YTPMV and Tennis work are saved in two separate archives, both of which can be found below.

Kurkop Archive

Pokruk Archive