Spell “mama luigi” backwards, and you get who is perhaps the absolute master of classic YTPMV. “Tomorrow I’ll”, “Robotnik’s Tea Party” and “Planet Freedom” are the closest thing that YouTube Poop ever had to hit singles. They became incredibly well known when they first dropped onto the landscape in 2007-2008, “Tomorow I’ll” in particular going on to become Iguila’s most signature work. They have of course made several more of these, using all manner of sources, but Robotnik-focused videos remains evermore their signature. Even as recently as 2011, they came out with a latter day video they simply titled “Robotnik II.wmv”, which was and is just as classic and good of a YTPMV as their older greats. They continue to be remembered fondly by earlier generations, many of whom still quote their videos, notably by the Youchew Forums who featured their three big songs as a part of a makeshift “Greatest Hits” album compiled in the early 2010s. Their work can be found in two archives below.

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