MrTennek may have very well made some of the loudest, ear splitting videos ever to have graced the surface of YouTube. With early staple sources such as CDi, Ren and Stimpy, AosTH, gameplay footage and audio and video recordings of himself, his early classics include “Doctor Robotnik’s Breakfast Fiasco”, “RETISAXASPAXAGHOTTI”, “Brand New Hotel Mario Footage!!! (plus remastered cutscenes)”, “Brand New Zelda CDi Footage!!!” and “Super Shitehole Brothaz 3”. He later had a revival of attention in the early 2010s through his usage of what later became synonymously known as FRED FUCKSTONE, establishing latter day classics including “Duh Gaiy Frum Bawstun Imparts Some More Sagely Wisdom Upon Us”, “Two Well Spoken Gentlemen From Boston Calmly Discuss The Current Hard Hitting Topics of the World” and “FRED FUCKSTONE GOES NUCLEAR”. By complete contrast, one of his other classic videos is the far more quiet and easy-on-the-ear “The Posh Mothershuckling Dangler Dongler Hour”, a rereading of the Hotel Mario dialogue through a parody of highbrow, over-complicated aristocratic manners of speaking. His YTPs and other miscellaneous works can be found in the archive below.

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