“Damn it, how does Wikiwow do it?!” was featured in the description for Boogidyboo’s last ever video, which should give one some idea as to how highly Wikiwow was regarded as a YTPer in 2007-2011. One of the premier Robotnik YTPers of that age, his videos were of a quality for him to have considerably never lost style, from his rounds in the epic Robotnik 3-Way tennis between himself, BMATF and UncleChuckTH all the way to latter day masterpiece “Robotnik Glues His Feet to the Ceiling”. His other major works include “GENIE AGAIN”, one of few Genie-based YTPs regarded as classics to have been made by someone other than Whelt, and a now unfortunately lost Mario Collab that was organized in 2010, one of the very biggest of that year. He deleted all of his videos somewhere in the middle 2010s, which was devastatingly received by all who loved them, but thankfully enough people thought ahead enough to save the best of his work. These can now be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive