Before MrSimon came onto the scene, YouTube Poop was still very small and concentrated into an almost invisible niche. But once he did, the community of YouTube Poop began to explode, helping to usher in what we now call YTP’s “boomer” era of 2006-2007. MrSimon, also known as The Electric Cheese when it came formally to his YTPs, brought a degree of great professionalism and flow to the work that he produced, and is perhaps singularly responsible for popularizing the musical side of it that became known as YTPMV. Along with helping to popularize the Volvic commercials, the YouTube Poop logo and set of indents, along with the slogan “Where there’s smoke, they pinch back”, can both be attributed to him. Talk to just about anyone who began making videos after he did and his videos will often be cited among the first they ever watched, including classics such as “ROBOTNIK WANTS KFC”, “Stay here while i bash koopa football playas”, “COW LEAKS” and “TEMPERATURES RISING GETTING HAAAWWWWTTT”. He is additionally known for saying “NUAHO” and for uploading an “uncensored” cut of Dexter’s Rude Removal. His popularity as a YTPer persists and the stamp he left on the form is still felt into the present, long after he retired to focus on his career. His YTP work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive