DaftPunkYoshi was an absolute beast at Windows Movie Maker, capable of giving even the most experienced Sony Vegas users a run for their money on the YouTube Poop Tennis court. Evidence of his prowess can be seen in his win in the 2009 Windows Movie Master Tennis Tournament and his netting of over 1,000 subscribers by the time his account was suspended. He was also one of the second generation of Tennis Fucks on the YouChew Forums, later being promoted to moderator status. Even after he retired his famed use of WMM in 2010, his trademark style of editing still manifested itself beautifully within the framework of Adobe Premiere Elements, his subsequent editor of choice. His love of disco, funk, dance and house music, some of which found its way into his videos, made him live up very honorably to the DaftPunk of his name in addition. His work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive