If YouTube Poop ever had its own version of Punk, then Radock would have probably been its flagship individual. As a formal YTPer under the name MSTRadock (initially SSJ3Raditz), they created a giant catalogue of work that could often be best described as fast, loud, abrasive, irreverent, and brief; only on rare occasions did their videos breach the one minute mark. Following their subsequent transition over to Xenophol/TheCW4kids/and beyond, they proceeded to make this way of making videos even more compact and refined, essentially creating a style of video that moved into the realm of “post-YTP”, for lack of a better term. Their work has since come to garner critical study by some and they are now starting to be seen as a premier architect of modern post-ironic internet humor. An example of this can be seen in what is now probably their best known work, “OH MY GOD DK WATCH OUT!!!!!!” which inspired a whole legion of responses, particularly from other YTPers, and turned it into a major meme of the early 2010’s. Their massive oeuvre is saved in two archives, both of which can be viewed below.

MST-era Archive

Xenophol/TheCW4kids and beyond Archive