Metzgore is a 2004 album by the band Jack Slater, full of intense, fast and cacophonous death metal with German lyrics. Metzgorrre the YTPer is a 100% direct YouTube Poop-based translation of that. He is an undisputed king of fast and jaded stutters, strobes, and utter explosive incomprehensible chaos when it comes to his videos, carrying a furiously dizzying and silly energy throughout the grand majority of his work that won him a respectable cult following when he began to get noticed in 2010. The height of his visibly came during the 2010 Three-Way Tennis Tournament, his first and only competitive tennis competition, which saw him storm all the way to the semifinal set on the strength of his manic hurricane of a editing style. Few can approach the lengths to which his videos reached and the depths to which his videos dug when it came to both his audio editing and visual manipulation, and those who have experienced his work at one time or another have been left with indelible marks of memory. His complete work can be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive