TheSfarioBros only made about 30 videos in their entire run in YouTube Poop. However, 17 of these videos gained more than a thousand views on YouTube, with “Ganon The Hypocryte”, “IT’S A TRAP” “It’s The Charlie Brown Poop, Charlie Brown!” “Michael Jackson Munches Demonic Popcorn” and “MARIO KART’S RAINBOW ROAD IS A GRAVY TRAIN” all hitting in the 10,000 view range and beyond, which signals to some degree that Sfario was never a complete unknown. Also of note was his brief participation in the realm of competitive YouTube Poop Tennis, playing alongside Quax in the 2008 Doubles Cup and making it to Set 2 against GameBop and MycroProcessor and making a couple appearances in the 2009 Tennis Season on the team STAR SPANGLED SCRANDER. His work can be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive