XBR4D3NX(pronounced just Braden) once described his editing style as “Neo-2007”, making him one of the very first to do so years before it would take off into something different entirely with other YTPers. The big difference here though is that unlike those later YTPers he actually began in 2007, and had the experience to make his early take on the idea very interesting, evolving into a strange and heavily musical direction that suggested possibly a softer Radock, or DR777 stripped down to the barest of layers. He was a prominent tenniser until about 2011, playing in the 2008 Doubles Cup alongside Erarg and the 2010 Three-Way Tournament. He was also the first pooper to make videos using King of the Hill, using it as early as 2008, which would later take off in popularity far beyond him in the years that was to follow. While always a cult figure during his active years, the quality of his videos remains of a respectable level and are definitely deserving of observation for those who enjoy the weirder side of YouTube Poop. His videos can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive