Domorato’s influence over YTP has been curiously long. Much of the work he produced in the early part of his run has long been lost, but what has been saved has since come to be regarded as classic work, “Doug Gets a Nice Haircut” in particular having resonance into the present day. When he returned to video making in 2016, he once again produced a seminal classic work in the form of “ytp sexer”, inspiring countless responses building onto it. Almost no YouTube Pooper has made work this influential this many years apart. Given Domo’s nature of going about these videos, it’s almost like he managed these feats without even trying to, less so than most people in YouTube Poop, in keeping close to its original spirit. Always erratic activity-wise and always selective about the work of his he chooses to make public, keeping up with his contributions to the form can sometimes be a circus act. Thankfully with his archive below, we can at least have a decent preserved window into how he gave a good shot in the arm to it past and present.

Video Archive