To watch “The Kings Epic Adventure Part 1” and “Part 2” is to marvel in absolute gobsmacked amazement that these videos were made in Windows Movie Maker, given that they look absolutely nothing like what usually comes out of the software. This only served as a foreshadowing to the monster YTPer that Geibuchan would become once he switched over to Adobe Premiere in 2010. He has since proven himself to be the absolute king of Flash Poop, with “The King’s Epic Adventure” being probably the only multi-part YTP series started in 2008 to have been actually continued in dedicated fashion several years onward. With a style that builds upon the old, the new, and the inventive original, Geibuchan’s videos are the work of a master craftsman. Often they take incredibly long to make and are incredibly long once completed and uploaded, with some pushing into a staggering 20 minutes of length, and with not a single minute of that time wasted. It is near impossible to name a single Geibuchan video that can be unanimously considered his greatest work, for almost all of his videos could bear this distinction if they want to. Along with the above mentioned signature series, he is also known for the “Alice Won Derland” series of videos, his dedicated signature usage of Azumanga Daioh! in almost all of his videos’ second halves, for “Pac Man Gets Belated on His Birthday”‘s popularization of THIS IS A WRENCH, and for “I GOT ANIMAL CROSSING NEW LEAF!!!” the looped animation of which took off as a meme in its own right. These, and just about everything else he’s made, for he is a unique individual made up of nothing but classic work. This can all be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive