“What Is Spaghetti?” is one of of the most timeless videos in all of YouTube Poop. To an untold number of poopers, it was the first YTP they ever saw. For a number of years, it could be easily found on the first page of when “youtube poop” is searched on YouTube, and was for a time the first result. It boasts over 1.8 million views, and was one of the very first YTPs to make it to that point, briefly being one of the most viewed YTPs of all time. It was made in Adobe Premiere Elements, which was at that time still not a widely known or recognized editing software, but it absolutely put that editor on the map once that video became a hit. The odd, atmospheric qualities of that video still resonates with many, and it has also proven to be many people’s first exposure to CD-i. As long as YouTube Poop lives, “What Is Spaghetti?” will be known by at least someone. It’s creator, JeffLindblom, has subsequently often had a hard time getting around his reputation as a one-hit wonder in YTP, which is greatly unfair to him. His other work, including “You want it?”, “EEEEAAAAUUUUUAAAAHHHH” and “Luigi is pissed”, while not as well known, are absolutely not any lesser in quality, and is absolutely worth checking out by anyone who comes across this page in the directory. These can all be found in the archive below.

Video Archive