The work of TheDarkRises presents a very clear snapshot into the scope of YouTube Poop as it was from late 2007 to 2009, which marks the peak of his activity as a YTPer. A combination of then-current sources both in popularity(I.M. Meen, TF2, Japanese Ronald McDonald) and in active airtime (mid-to-late 2000s era Cartoon Network shows and Eddsworld) all with the Dark’s own spin on them make for a strong collection of work each with their own unique positive qualities. TDR himself seems to have been self-effacing about his work, at least in the past, even though over 1,760 subscribers and stellar popular videos such as “Thomas learns how to read braille”, “THE BABY WAS EXPLODING”, “BILLY SHOWS HIS AFFECTION FOR CHOCOLATE” and “Wario Ware Chowder’s Microgames” clearly seem to state otherwise. His many ventures into different areas of YTP-making made him a fairly well-known figure in his day, and they can all be experienced in the archive below.

Video Archive