Much in the same way that RAKninja was among the most prominent of and in a sense the unofficial leader of the First Generation of Tennis Fucks, ChrisGendo effectively took up that role as a part of the Second Generation. He was one to very much hold up the theory side of tennis, always describing the game as a conversation, and favoring the collaborative and musical sides of the game especially in his later matches. With over 50 completed games under his belt, ChrisGendo has come to be viewed as a tennis legend, known for the omnipresence of anime in his work with an editing style that mixed classic elements with post-classic sensibilities and a signature use of reverb and strobes that gave many of his videos a decidedly ethereal and mood-driven feel. He has been a very strong competitive player, making it to the final game of the 2010 Three-Way Tennis Tournament and becoming the winner of the 2011-2012 Doubles Cup II along with teammate and kindred spirit AshcrementVII. He is accredited to the idea of Triples Tennis, devised in 2010-2011, which had a tournament of this variant take place in 2013. His standout matches include games with TheChutley, NS2, AshcrementVII, Therazoredge and djninjalovemistake. In later years ChrisGendo moved in a much more visibly musical direction in his videos overall, leading to his signature 2011 work “celery”, a YTPMV made entirely out of the intro to Serial Experiments Lain, and its subsequent sequels. The majority of his work can be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive